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Savings In The Pipeline

Tyco Thermal Controls will provide nearly 400 miles of its Skin Effect heat-tracing system for the Barmer Salaya pipeline-a critical line used for transporting crude oil

Tyco Thermal Controls recently announced that it intends to provide Cairn Energy of India (Cairn India Ltd.) with a Skin Effect heat-tracing system (STS) for a new underground crude oil pipeline. Once completed, the heat-tracing system will be the longest of its kind in the world. This also marks the single largest product order, currently valued at nearly $14 million, ever received by the company.

Tyco Thermal Controls has been contracted to design, supply and produce field-quality assurance for the project scheduled to be complete in October 2008. During a seven-month period, the company will provide nearly 400 miles (600 km) of the STS for the Barmer Salaya pipeline, which is a critical line used for transporting crude oil from the CEIL oil field in Rajasthan to a refinery in Salaya, Gujarat.

The Skin Effect heat-tracing system will provide thermal insulation and electrical heating along the length of the pipeline to reduce the viscosity of the oil inside. The pipeline must be maintained at 149ºF (65ºC).

"Original plans for the pipeline included bulk heating systems rather than heat tracing," admits Franco Chakkalakal, Tyco Thermal Controls STS Global Product Manager. "We were able to show the customer that a Skin Effect heat-tracing system offers them a more efficient solution for their needs at a lower cost."

"Heat tracing is a very important element of the pipeline, and we are honored to be putting this system into place," says Julie Ahner, Tyco Strategic Business Marketing Manager. "Not only is this a significant project for Tyco Thermal Controls, it will also be the longest Skin Effect heat-tracing system in the world. Reaching such a milestone exemplifies how Tyco Thermal Controls can work globally and efficiently in order to meet our clients' needs."

The design and engineering activities for the pipeline are being handled at Tyco Thermal Controls' STS Knowledge Centre in India with review and approval by the STS Knowledge Centre in Houston. The company's headquarters is working with suppliers in order to meet the scheduled material demands and is on track to have all system components shipped to India by the October deadline.