Reinventing The Wheel

Lighthouse Utility Solutions is making strides to show that the supposed "brain drain" is nothing short of a manufacturing urban legend.

By Lauren Kiesow, Associate Editor,

With America’s slow climb out of an economic recession, many companies are looking for ways to reenter or renew their presence in the marketplace with aplomb.

One such impetus for a strong reinvention is the fear that American manufacturing may be on a perpetual innovation decline. And while the prospect of losing our spot at the top is sobering, Lighthouse Utility Solutions is one company making strides to show that the supposed “brain drain” is nothing short of a manufacturing urban legend.

Using a system of three different subsidiaries, Lighthouse plans to focus its efforts on implementing energy-savings plans, reducing clients’ utility consumption, and developing new products and strategies to keep manufacturing fresh. But the third focus is what they’re going to hit hard.

“Our goal is to be in a position to change the way businesses operate…‘What if?’ is going to be our primary focus,” Randall Witte, Lighthouse’s Chairman and CEO, said.

Specifically, Witte’s modus operandi is for the operating process to be a constant wheel in motion. To him, there is always room for improvement, so the analytical eye should always be wondering if a piece of machinery or a process can be revamped into something more efficient; hence, “what if?” Witte extols innovation because he believes it’s what’s going to keep this country going strong.

This innovation-heavy focus is what Witte believes sets Lighthouse apart. “Innovation is basically a matter of solving a problem that exists. The first step is identifying the problem and having a basic idea as to what the solution might be. That’s when you act and make the solution happen.”

Ingenuity and creativity are mandatory facets of the company’s manufacturing philosophy. Whether it’s a small upgrade or a large overhaul, the challenge is welcome.

In an era where manufacturing seems to be facing an uphill battle, Lighthouse Utility Solutions does not appear to be resting on its laurels anytime soon. Tinkering and tweaking with what’s available -- and what’s not -- keeps Witte and his team excited to go to work, knowing that what they are doing is helping to invigorate the industry and maintain the integrity of American manufacturing.

For more information, contact Randall Witte at [email protected].