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AMD Demonstrates Accelerated Computing Solution That Breaks Teraflop Barrier

AMD demonstrated a new accelerated computing platform on Tuesday that breaks the teraflop computing barrier.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) demonstrated Tuesday a single-system, accelerated computing platform that breaks the teraflop computing barrier.

At a press event in San Francisco, AMD demonstrated a “Teraflop in a Box” system running on Microsoft XP Professional utilizing the AMD Opteron dual-core processor and two next-generation AMD R600 Stream Processors capable of performing more than 1 trillion floating-point calculations per second using a general “multiply-add” calculation.

The demonstration represented a ten-fold performance increase over current high-performance server platforms.

Platforms based on the same technology found in the “Teraflop-in-a-Box” demonstration should benefit scientific and commercial applications, including energy, financial, environmental, medical, scientific, defense and security.

A “flop” is an acronym for “FLoating point Operations Per Second,” which is a measure of a computer’s ability to perform floating point calculations. A teraflop equals one trillion floating point operations per second.