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Pharmaceuticals Industry Offers Healthy Dose Of Manufacturing Construction

Seventy-eight plants now under construction; California leads with eight.

In addition to the scores of drugs currently being churned out by the pharmaceutical-biotech industry, the group is nearly as prolific in turning out new manufacturing plants and research facilities.

A current analysis derived from the Pharmaceutical Tracker - Online Database, by Industrial Info Resources, has revealed that there are 78 plants, carrying a total investment value (TIV) of $6.3 billion, in various stages of construction across North America.

These new facilities include both elaborate research facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and are scheduled for completion through 2009.

California edged ahead of the rest of the country with eight new plants currently under construction. Those plants alone are responsible for generating nearly $900 million in capital investment.

Maryland, Massachusetts and Texas each had seven plants under construction.

A regional look at the data reveals that the remaining sites, which are as varied in size and purpose as in location, are scattered throughout the states and provinces of North America. The Mid-Atlantic region continues its hold on to its lead with the greatest number of new plants currently under construction. The area has thirteen projects carrying a collective TIV of $2.5 billion.

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The West Coast was not far behind with its actual number of construction sites, which is eight, but the TIV was a fairly distant, although respectable, total of nearly $900 million. There is obviously a lot more than heavy industry coming out of the Great Lakes region, as it claims a healthy $568 million currently being spent on building eight new sites.