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New Bio-Diesel Venture From Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc.

Will be a combination of Bio-Extraction Services, Inc. and Bioremediation Services, Inc.

Bio-Solutions Manufacturing, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it will begin a new bio-diesel venture by combining Bio-Extraction Services, Inc. with the proposed acquisition of Bioremediation Services, Inc.

“This represents a major opportunity for Bio-Solutions- one that we believe can increase corporate and franchise revenues.  The Bio-Extractor opens the door for franchisees to own and operate their own individual oil wells, extracting the oils and grease from food service facilities and municipal treatment facilities that can be used to produce bio-diesel and other value-added products.” said Michael Silverman, President of Bioremediation Services, Inc.

With the addition of the Bio-Extractor, each grease trap (interceptor) and lift station can become a small individual oil well, with the potential to increase revenue to the franchisee and the Corporation with relatively little add-on cost.

A training session for new franchisees and recruits is expected to be held by Bio-Solutions in September 2006.