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Hyundai Heavy Industries Sets Sail With Climax Mill

Hyundai and Climax reach an agreement for custom mill for ship construction project.

Climax Portable Machines Tools, Inc announced Thursday its agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., to develop a custom designed circular mill to be used for a new construction project. Onsite training and commissioning by Climax is expected to be completed during October 2006.

The circular mill uses an X-Axis bed and spindle assembly from Climax’s PM6000 Portable Mill that is mounted to a precision ground rotary table. The machine can face mill in a diameter range of 78.74 to 196.9 inches, and has a flatness tolerance within 0.002 inches. It also has an ID mounting range from 78.74 to 90.55 inches. It is also counterweighted, allowing for horizontal and vertical milling, as well as any position in between.

Hyundai Heavy Industries intends to use the mill for a base ring application on-board a ship during primary construction and regularly scheduled maintenance.