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Delphi Ends Agreement With Aksys

Letter to Aksys alleges nonpayment of more than $5 million to Delphi

In a July 5 letter to Aksys, Delphi ended its manufacturing agreement with the company, alleging that Aksys owes more than $5 million to Delphi.

According to Delphi, the $5 million includes $2.4 million in accounts receivable, and $3.1 million in inventory still in Delphi’s possession.

Aksys said the amount allegedly owed should be lowered, as Aksys claims to have made a $1.4 million deposit with Delphi.

In February 2003, both companies signed a contract in which Delphi would manufacture Aksys’ Personal Hemodialysis System and be responsible for the sale of the system’s spare parts.