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RoHS Compliance For Component Distributors

According to Newark InOne, component distributors should also be responsible to adhere to RoHS law that electrical and electronic device producers follow.

On July 1, the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) law went into effect, requiring producers of finished electrical or electronic devices to take legal responsibility for compliance. On Tuesday, Newark InOne, a North American subsidiary of Premier Farnell PLC and small-quantity distributor of electronic component and test equipment, announced its belief that component distributors need to meet the same standards, as well as its certificate of compliance for customers.

“We believe North American distributors should adhere to the same standard in order to support their customer,” said Paul Tellentire, president of Newark InOne. “Our customers, design engineers and component buyers can download a Newark InOne RoHS certificate of compliance at for each of the parts we’ve identified as compliant, confident that we can back it up with a documented audit trail.”

According to Newark InOne, by proving that “reasonable steps” were taken in documenting that information from a manufacturer’s supplier was verified to ensure compliance, companies have a better defense against any prosecution.

For more information on Newark InOne’s certification process and information to help with the transition to compliance, go to