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Power Measurement to Operate Under Schneider Electric Name

Acquired by Schneider Electric in April, Canadian-based Power Measurement announced that it will begin operations under the Schneider name.

Power Measurement, acquired by Schneider Electric in April 2005, announced that it will operate as a global "power monitoring and control" group under the Schneider Electric name. Brad Forth, president and CEO of Victoria, British Columbia-based Power Measurement will serve as vice president, PMC.
"At a time when energy management has never been more important, it’s very exciting for everyone here to be a part of this great initiative," Forth said.

In a statement announcing the change, Forth said that by adding Power Measurement’s ION technology to Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic product line, the company can offer an expanded and enhanced solution to energy suppliers and consumers for managing the cost, quality, and reliability of power.

In describing Power Measurement’s contribution, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO of Schneider Electric explained that the company will be very active in developing intelligent systems for analysis and control of energy consumption.