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Shanghai Auto Makers Study City District's Feasibility

Representatives from three Shanghai car manufacturers meet to discuss the feasibility of developing the automotive industry in the city's Jinshan District.

In the Shanghai Jinshan District, located in the southwest corner of Shanghai, China, Shanghai Maple Automobile Co. Ltd. held a conference to study the feasibility of developing the automotive industry in the district. The conference was organized with the assistance of the China Automotive News Office, and representatives for Shanghai's major automotive manufacturers discussed topics such as the development of the automotive industry and establishment of an automotive base in Jinshan. The talk focused on various perspectives such as external conditions, industrial background, advantages in human resources and industry policy.

As one of the five largest automotive clusters in China, Shanghai not only has mature auto accessories and parts producers, but also has favorable groundwork in economy, industry, science and human resources, according to the General Office of the People's Government of Jinshan. The three key players, including Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM and Shanghai Maple, have been dominating the market.

According to the General Office, Shanghai Maple Automobile has developed quickly in recent years and has emerged as a new force among the middle-class saloon-car manufacturers. The office says the company acts as a significant force that drives the growth of Jinshan district. Besides the international chemical industry, the automotive industry has become another highlight of economic growth in the Jinshan district.

At present, Shanghai Maple Automobile is further boosting the integration of industries, universities and research institutes, exploring the concept of working together with scientific research institutes, foreign engineering technology companies and famous suppliers and making more forceful efforts to develop new environment friendly models that consume new types of energy.