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Delphi Hires Temporary Workers to Cover Expected Buyouts

Seeking to fill a worker void left by early retirement settlements in its plan to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Delphi Corp. has hired 90 temporary workers in Rochester, NY, and plans to hire more.

Delphi Corp. has hired 90 local temporary workers at its Rochester, NY, facility and plans to hire more to replace hundreds of Rochester workers expected to take a buyout package, local United Autoworkers Union officials said in a report in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

The auto parts supplier, which is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, has offered a buyout package to employees nationwide as part of its turnaround plan. Lindsey Williams, a Delphi spokesperson told the newspaper that more than 13,000 UAW-represented employess are eligible for the program and the company will need to offset the worker void left by the retirements.  

In Rochester, approximately 800 hourly workers are eligible to retire under the plan and as many as 600 have already agreed to it, according to John Huber, president of Local 1097. In the newspaper report, Huber said he expects Delphi to hire about 500 new workers by the end of the year.

According to Delphi's Williams, the company is hiring temporary workers acrosse the county.