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ReedLink Opens Search Engine to Life Science Market

ReedLink, a vertical product search engine, has expanded to serve the life science market.

ReedLink ( a vertical product search engine owned by Reed Business Information (RBI), has expanded to serve the life science market. With the addition of thousands of product specifications, ReedLink now helps life scientists in professions such as R&D and lab management to search the web and buy products.

ReedLink search and comparison categories now include reverse osmosis equipment, nucleotides, cytokines, and biocides. These categories and more can be found at

In order to collect and standardize the most accurate product specifications for the highly specialized life science market, ReedLink tapped into the knowledge base of various industry resources, including RBI’s market-leading magazines Bioscience Technology, Drug Discovery and Development, and Laboratory Equipment.

ReedLink, which first launched in the manufacturing market in early 2005, provides search results linking to detailed product or company information, including product specifications, white papers, company profiles, and editorial content. Users can compare products and contact manufacturers and distributors for information or a free price quote.

A life scientist looking for reverse osmosis equipment, for example, can quickly determine the products best suited to his or her needs by comparing the capacity, membrane length, and operating voltage of various models.

ReedLink is designed to simplify the search for products in specialized markets while providing the breadth and depth of information users look for when making buying decisions online. With the addition of life sciences material, a wider audience can now take advantage of this useful niche search engine.