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Manufacturing Technology Consumption Sees Best Results Since 2000

Sept. consumption sees 31.9 percent increase from August, 43.1 percent increase from September 2005; Year-to-date was up 26.2 percent over 2005.

In the American Machine Tool Distributor’s Association (AMTDA) and The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) recently released report, the United States Manufacturing Technology Consumption (USMTC), technology consumption reached $407.21 million in September.

Consumption was up 31.9 percent from August and up 43.1 percent on the $284.47 million from September 2005. The year-to-date level was $2,815.34 million, up 26.2 percent from 2005.

“Strong sales at September’s International Manufacturing Technology Show pushed year-to-date consumption to its largest lead over 2005,” said John J. Healy, AMTDA President. “It now looks likely that 2006 will post the best results for U.S. investment in advanced manufacturing equipment since 2000.”

By region, the Northeast saw a total of $57.73 million for September, 22.6 percent higher than the $47.10 million in August and 49.6 percent over the September 2005 total. Year-to-date is $412.49 million, 35.9 percent higher than 2005.

In the South, consumption was down 7.1 percent from August’s $44.56 million and down 6.2 percent from September 2005 to $41.41 million. Year-to-date is $372.95 million, up 2.7 percent from 2005.

For the Midwest, consumption was $126.15 million, a full 63.8 percent increase over the $77.01 million in August and 15.4 percent over last September. For 2006, the total is $859.63 million, 6.8 percent higher than 2005.

In the Central region, consumption for September was $119.82 million, a 43 percent increase over the $83.78 million in August and 15.4 percent higher than September 2005. In 2006, consumption has reached $734.20 million, which is 59.6 percent higher than 2005.

Out West, September consumption was at $62.10 million, 10.2 percent higher than August’s $56.37 million and 64.9 percent higher than last September. Year-to-date consumption reached $436.06, a 45.7 percent increase over 2005.

The USMTC report is produced by the AMTDA and the AMT, and provides both regional and national U.S. consumption data of domestic and imported machine tools and related equipment.