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Columbia Free Trade Agreement Will Advance Economic Growth

Commerce Secretary says free trade agreement will create high-paying U.S. jobs

The free trade agreement between the U.S. and Colombia will advance economic growth and prosperity between the two countries and is an essential component in building political stability in our hemisphere, according to Carlos M. Gutierrez , Commerce Secretary,

"America has the best and brightest workers and the products and services they produce can compete with any in the world as long as there is a level playing field," said Gutierrez. "This agreement enables U.S. businesses to better compete in the region by protecting their intellectual property rights and eliminating tariffs."
Gutierrez went on to say that he agreement will help create new high-paying jobs in the U. S. and will improve the lives of millions of people in Colombia.

"I look forward to working with Congress to pass this important agreement that will demonstrate once again that the best remedy for regional instability and poverty lies in free trade," commented Gutierrez.