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Goodyear Rolls Out New Fuel-Efficient Truck Tires

New tires coupled with new Fuel Max Technology can provide up to 8 percent in fuel savings.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber has unveiled a new line of fuel-efficient truck tires and retreads featuring their Fuel Max Technology.

The new tires, available in all wheel positions (steer, drive and trail), work together with the Fuel Max Technology to help improve fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

Each Fuel Max tire has cool-running compounds and constructions to help improve miles per gallon for fuel savings and long original tread life.

SAE fuel consumption tests showed that the Goodyear Unisteel G395 LHS, G305 LHD and G316 LHT, with the Fuel Max Technology tire combination, helped to decrease fuel consumption by 8 percent in comparison with a combination of Goodyear standard production tires.

Since everyday truck operation is affected by factors such as temperature, weather, terrain and traffic, real-world fleet operation can expect up to a 4 percent fuel savings