Kennecott Reopens Road After Massive Landslide

Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation has restored full access to its mine after the road was cut off by a massive landslide in April. Six million tons of material had to be moved in order to reopen the roadway.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Kennecott Utah Copper Corp. says it restored full access to the mine after it was cut off by a massive landslide in April.

Officials with Rio Tinto Kennecott said Wednesday that they've moved six million tons of material to construct the road, which Is three-quarters of a mile long.

The development means haul trucks and other heavy equipment will once again be able to carry material from the bottom to the top of the mine.

The mine has been taking steps to recover from a 165-million-ton slide in April. Officials have recovered 10 of the 13 haul trucks damaged in the collapse, and have put four of them back into service.

Mine officials say they need to continue stabilizing parts of the mine that were affected by the slide.

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