COVID-19 Impact: 'What It Looks Like When an Entire Supply Chain Falls Apart'

Despite widespread purchasing declines throughout manufacturing, bright spots persist.

Cortera, in partnership with Moody’s Analytics, uses their COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker (CEIT) to provide a breakdown of purchasing data from thousands of companies in various sectors of the U.S economy. Every week, we sit down with Jim Swift, the founder and CEO of Cortera to discuss the tracker’s latest data and what it means to purchasing trends throughout the industrial marketplace. 

In this episode of the Industrial Buyer's Breakdown, Swift, along with editorial director Jeff Reinke, discuss the CEIT’s latest findings, including:

  • What distributors in different sectors are experiencing.
  • MRO spending trends that could offer perspective on how manufacturers are preparing for plant re-starts.
  • How increased construction equipment spending is helping to preserve some purchasing levels, and what it could mean down the road.
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