Apple Raked In 51 Percent Of Smartphone Revenues In Q4

This chart shows global smartphone market share in Q4 2017 based on unit shipments and revenue.

Earlier this month we reported that Apple climbed back to the top of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2017. While the iPhone maker beat Samsung narrowly in terms of unit shipments, Apple’s lead is much more impressive when looking at revenues. According to a new analysis by Strategy Analytics, Apple raked in an impressive 51 percent of global smartphone revenues in the holiday quarter, beating second-placed Samsung (15.7 percent) by a mile. 

The chart below, contrasting market share in terms of revenue and unit shipments, nicely illustrates how far ahead of everyone else Apple really is terms of the value it extracts from the smartphone market. With an average selling price of nearly $800 per phone, Apple is head and shoulders ahead of Samsung ($254), Huawei ($205) and everyone else ($152).

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