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Leading Industry Players Announce Key Partnerships

They represent an ongoing focus on asset visibility and threat detection.

Industrial Cyber

Tenable recently announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Deloitte, a leader in global security consulting services. Deloitte has added the Tenable One Exposure Management PlatformTenable Cloud Security and Tenable OT Security to its portfolio of available cyber solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) cyber risk management. 

Leveraging Tenable’s exposure management capabilities, Deloitte and Tenable’s shared customers can harness the power of proactive security and help remove noise by bringing their attack surfaces – on-premise and cloud-based – into a single view. Tenable One provides customers with the visibility, vulnerability coverage, and context-driven risk analytics to prioritize actions based on the likelihood of attack

Tenable One also enables organizations to:

  • Add Comprehensive Visibility to gain a unified view of all assets and associated software vulnerabilities, exposures, misconfigurations and excessive entitlements by continuously assessing environments for cyber risk. 
  • Predict and Prioritize to anticipate the consequences of a cyber attack by drawing upon over 211,000 Nessus® plugins and understand relationships between assets, exposures, privileges and threats across an attack path.
  • Effectively Communicate Cyber Risk to answer stakeholder questions such as “Where are we exposed?” and “How secure are we?"

Radiflow has also been busy, announcing two key partnerships. The first is with ICS security provider Opscura and aimed at delivering advanced industrial cybersecurity solutions. This collaboration will leverage Radiflow’s expertise in OT cybersecurity and Opscura’s data protection technologies to deliver enhanced, end-to-end protection for industrial networks and systems, including advanced threat detection, encryption, legacy-asset cloaking, and monitoring of the OT environment. Opscura’s flexible solutions can be seamlessly added into the OT environment, making  cyber-physical security cost-effective, simple, and immediate.

Opscura equipment transmits compressed and encrypted traffic to the Radiflow OT Security Platform. Radiflow continuously monitors and analyzes the security of the network against the latest threat intelligence, detecting anomalies that might indicate cyber incidents.

Radiflow has also entered into a partnership with leading electrical component supplier WAGO focused on strengthening user's resilience against potential cyber threats and to make the OT networks of critical infrastructure and industrial environments as secure as possible. "At WAGO, we are convinced that protecting digital and electrical systems goes beyond physical components - it requires a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. We want to help our customers effectively protect their systems from ever-new cyber threats," said Thomas Burklé, WAGO's Vice President of Automation Sales & Industry Management EMEA. 

WAGO and Radiflow bundle their strengths to offer comprehensive OT security solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of specific markets, such as smart factory, smart building or smart energy. By integrating Radiflow's innovative cybersecurity software solutions into WAGO's industry- leading products and services, customers benefit from:

  • Advanced threat detection. WAGO Cyber Security Network Sight software is based on iSID from Radiflow and enables real-time monitoring and detection of anomalous network behavior.
  • Increased security through network segmentation. WAGO Cyber Security Analysis, based on Radiflow's CIARA, is an automated risk assessment and management platform for companies from the industrial, energy and building sectors. Based on the analysis results, users can implement robust network segmentation strategies.
  • Inventory and risk assessment. WAGO Cyber Security Analysis is used to create a resource management tailored to the customer and to perform a risk assessment. This allows an up-to-date inventory of the OT measures implemented, proactively identify vulnerabilities, and measure the effectiveness of risk reduction strategies.

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