United American Security, LLC

United American Security, LLC

4525 W. 160 St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
Phone: 800-873-3948
About the Company

United American Security, LLC combines the best security officers with the best security practices. The results have been consistent growth and long-term relationships due to very satisfied clients.

We provide both unarmed and armed security to a wide variety of industries including; Corporate & High Rise, Manufacturing, Distribution, Chemical & Petrochemical, Distilling, Financial Institutions, Airport, Government, University & College, Food Processing & Manufacturing and Gated Communities.

What you can expect from our services: Unmatched quality control and auditing systems, Specialized training programs that are on-going and comprehensive, GPS monitoring of all security vehicles, Dedicated operations management team, Quick additional security backup, Safety and preventative procedures, Low turnover of officers, operations & management staff, and an Effective solution for cost reduction and ROI.

Our locations include: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan, Kentucky, and Florida