Registrar Corp.

Registrar Corp.

144 Research Dr.
Hampton, Virginia 23666
Phone: 757-224-0177
About the Company

Registrar Corp. is a full-service FDA regulatory compliance agency established in 2003. With 19 global offices, Registrar Corp’s team of multilingual regulatory consultants has assisted more than 20,000 companies in the food, beverage, medical device, drug and cosmetic industries worldwide.

Registrar Corp. is proud to offer services to businesses in U.S. FDA-regulated industries, including:

Food, beverages, and dietary supplements,
Pharmaceutical drugs,
Cosmetic products,
Medical devices, and
Radiation-emitting electronic devices and products.

Registrar Corp. provides free 24-hour live-person support for US FDA regulatory compliance matters on their international website. Employees include former U.S. FDA officials, scientists, and industry experts.

Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day online
Office Hours: 6:30am-7pm EST Mon-Fri
Method of Payment: All credit cards accepted

1. FDA registration
2. U.S. agent services
3. FDA prior notice
4. FCE/SID registration
5. Food and beverage label and ingredient review
6. Medical device establishment registration
7. Official correspondent and U.S. agent for medical device companies
8. 510(k) administrative review
9. Medical device label review
10. Voluntary registration for cosmetic manufacturers, packers and distributors
11. Cosmetic label and ingredient review
12. Drug manufacturer registration and listings
13. Drug company U.S. agent and registrant contact
14. Drug master file submission
15. Drug label and ingredient review
16. FDA detention assistance