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About the Company

Ortems is the expert in collaborative manufacturing planning and production scheduling software solutions, with more than 16,000 major group and SME users in 63 countries.
The Agile Manufacturing line offers a pyramid of comprehensive planning software that integrates into ERP, MES, and LIMS solutions. Backed by several years of experience and ongoing research program, Ortems brings Agile Manufacturing solutions to companies throughout the world, among them Chemicals companies like: Brunel, Den Braven, Fiabila, Givaudan, Glaverbel, Materis, Solvay, TFL, Total, TNK BP…

Faced with sharp demand variability and rising raw material costs, the specialty chemicals industry has to cut back its inventories while producing and procuring with a demand pull system based on orders and forecasts.
Ortems’ planning and scheduling solutions help synchronize production plans so inventory coverage can be aligned with orders and forecasts. Equipment, labor and raw materials can be optimized based on finite capacity. Our APS software takes into account the complex constraints of vats and reactors. It synchronizes all shops across all formulation levels and optimize production runs to minimize changeover times and losses. Short-term scheduling makes plants more responsive to production contingencies and changes in demand.

Collaborative planning solutions for the specialty chemicals industry:

Our strengths:
• Optimization of equipment capacity utilization
• Batch based production
• Work in battery of reactors with connectivity constraints
• Synchronization from process to packaging
• Synchronization of filling and emptying of tanks
• Control over use of storage tanks
• Variable sequencing rules and changeover times based on product sequences on the process equipment and packaging lines.