Lumex Instruments

Lumex Instruments

31510 Gill Ave., Unit 207
Mission, British Columbia V4S0A1
Phone: 709-570-7538
About the Company

Lumex Instruments manufactures and distributes throughout the world a wide range of laboratory equipment and supplies, industrial monitors and preparation systems. We have been designing and developing analytical instruments and scientific methods for over 20 years. Lumex Instrument’s production is used by different companies, research institutes and governmental organizations around the world.

We work for those who are engaged in unraveling the mysteries of smallest differences in chemical composition. For them, we develop analytical procedures and design new original instruments.

We like to perceive deeply hidden mysteries and we enjoy tackling a large variety of analytical problems ranging from monitoring mercury content in the air to identifying amino acids in biosamples; from determination of the basic composition to tracing microimpurities at the levels of ppb and ppt.

We repeatedly take the thorny path to find the clue to the emerging mysteries, revealing insidious traps and difficulties before proposing a new convenient instrument and reliable analysis technique.
For more than 20 years we have developed dozens of analytical instruments and more than a hundred of analytical procedures.

We host customers in our training centers or visit them at various sites worldwide, traveling to the African desert or the Indonesian jungles. Thereby, we are keen to convey to our customers all that we have learned, comprehended, and invented. We care about our customers, skilled enthusiasts and experts in the fields of their activities, in whatever industries or research areas and wherever they work. We appreciate their comments and advice.

We are particularly grateful to those who assist us in setting new objectives and take part in joint coping with the stated problems.