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About the Company

Trace moisture causes defects and failures to moisture sensitive components. Serious manufacturing defects and failures are resulted from improper storage and handling methods. Without proper moisture control, field failures will occur. These are especially important concerns where product reliability must be tightly controlled such as medical devices.

Eureka Dry Tech provides moisture & humidity control electronic desiccator cabinets utilizing multi-porous molecular sieves desiccants, providing renewable and controllable desiccating capabilities. Eureka's desiccator cabinets are quiet, use minimal electricity to operate, and no nitrogen (N2) purging is required.

Eureka's dry cabinets provides desiccating / dehumidifying storage options of <5% RH, <10% RH, <20% RH and 10~50% RH with fast recovery times at NTP condition. Eureka's dry cabinets utilizes powerful multi-porous molecular sieve desiccants which will provide alternative drying methods to baking oven. Eureka Dry Tech offers moisture control storage products in a variety of sizes from 19 liters to 1314 liters.

Millions of users worldwide have used Eureka's products to solve moisture related problems. Our dry cabinet products are widely used in R&D, high-tech manufacturing industries, laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, etc.

Eureka Fast Super Dryer also dehumidifies during storage, providing alternative drying methods optimal for removing moisture in all moisture sensitive materials.

*Baking process uses high temperature to dry PCBs which causes breakdowns of protective coatings, lead oxidation, intermetallic buildup and warping that reduces solder ability of circuit boards.
*Nitrogen and dry air purge will only provide a storage environment by forcing moisture from the storage cabinet. Nitrogen (N2) purging does not have drying capabilities to remove moisture.

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