Burke Industrial Coatings Liquid Stainless Steel and Powders

Burke Industrial Coatings Liquid Stainless Steel and Powders

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About the Company


The flagship products of Burke Industrial Coatings are Superlife 316 DTMR, Steel Tuff 316, Steel Plus CE 316, Superlife-316U, Supertemp 316™ coatings made of liquid stainless steel. These stainless steel finishes are heavily pigmented with Alloy 316 stainless steel flake to provide outstanding corrosion resistance and maximum long-term durability even under extreme exposures.

It just makes sense to select liquid stainless steel coatings that provide the lowest cost per square foot, per year of protection. The benefits of the stainless steel paint system:
Rapid dry paint and ship the same day
Primers and Topcoats, at 70°F, tack free in 10-20 minutes, recoat in 60 minutes.
Applies with existing spray equipment
Direct to metal in some applications
Low VOC/very low odor
Water clean up
Worker safe
HAPS free

Silver Bullet AM
Increased emphasis on microbe free environments creates the need for enhanced measures to reduce bacterial presence. To address the industries need for effective protective coatings, Burke Industrial Coatings has developed an ultra high performance epoxy coating antimicrobial protected paint system. The product identified as Silver Bullet AM®, inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, mold and fungi in addition to providing long term protection against severe wash down chemicals.
Highly durable and corrosion-resistant, Silver Bullet’s antimicrobial protected paint active ingredient is its namesake: silver, a safe and natural antimicrobial with proven success in food processing applications. Proven safe for human contact, silver is effective in over 650 strains of bacteria, yeast, fungi and molds. A high performance epoxy coating, Silver Bullet AM® antimicrobial protected paint can be applied to plant equipment, walls, ceilings, hand rails and other appropriate surfaces to reduce microbiological contamination and propagation.