Arrowhead Systems

Arrowhead Systems

3255 Medalist Dr.
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54902
Phone: 920-235-5562
About the Company

The Arrowhead Systems family of companies includes the best brands in the container and material handling industry along with top-rated service.

ARROWHEAD CONVEYOR CORP has a complete line of customized and standard conveyor systems.
- Table and mat top, case, and air conveyors
- Can conveyance for can manufacturing
- NeXtconveyor wash down and sanitary conveyors
- ArrowSelect quick ship conveyors
- Rinsers, elevators, laners, accumulators, singlefilers and combiners

BUSSE/SJI CORP, the inventor of the original bulk palletizer and depalletizer, manufactures products under both the Busse/SJI and Priority One brands.
- Bulk palletizers and depalletizers
- Thermal technology
- Bulk loading and unloading systems
- Priority One case palletizers and multi-line systems

Arrowhead Automation, LLC d.b.a. TRILLIUM AUTOMATION specializes in the design and manufacturing of robotic automation solutions.
- Robotic palletizers
- Gantry palletizing systems
- End of arm tooling
- Machine tending equipment

A&B ENGINEERING SERVICES LLC sends experienced field service engineers around the world to assist customers with Arrowhead Systems equipment, as well as other major brands.
- New equipment start-ups, relocation services, and repairs
- Programming upgrades and line controls integration
- Custom engineered upgrades and safety enhancements
- Technical support and parts