6R Supply, Inc.

6R Supply, Inc.

1001 16th St., B-180
Denver, Colorado 80265
Phone: 303-656-9503
About the Company

6R Supply, Inc. is a Denver based sales and distribution company that provides biobased industrial lubricants, cleaners and solvents. Our line of hydraulic fluids, lubricants and cleaners use vegetable sources as base oils providing environmental benefits and decreasing cost and risk without sacrificing performance

These biobased oils are designated food safe and are offered for a variety of industrial applications including hydraulic oils, penetrating oils and food grade grease and lubricants. These food safe oils are NSF registered to meet the qualifications for incidental food contact. These high performance oils are biodegradable and non-toxic. These oils provide excellent lubricity and temperature with minimal viscosity change over a broad range of applications.

Our product line of hydraulic fluids, penetrating and cutting oils are readily biodegradable, non-toxic and generally perform better than conventional petroleum based products. Vegetable based oils' generally have a higher lubricity which can reduce operating temperatures, friction, and component wear.

To complement our industrial lubricants line a number of food grade greases and biobased cleaning products allow for a complete catalog of biobased industrial supplies. Most of our products have also been defined as BioPreferred or carry the Preferred Federal Purchasing distinction.