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'Consumer Reports' Picks Their 10 Worst Cars By Category

Take a look at this year's list and see which vehicles might have some improvements to make.

Mnet 191376 Mitsubishi

Consumer Reports has released their list of the lowest-rated cars by category. Take a look at their list and what they had to say about each model. 

The Overall Score combines the road-test score, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety, including government and insurance industry crash-test results.

Lowest-rated subcompact: Mitsubishi Mirage
Road-test Score: 29; Overall Score: 34
What they had to say: Cheap to buy and good gas mileage, but it is "tiny, tinny" and the three-cylinder engine vibrates and delivers sluggish acceleration. 

Lowest-rated compact: Fiat 500L
Road-test Score: 50; Overall Score: 31
What they had to say: Worst reliability of any new car and a "dismal" road-test score due to a stiff ride, flat seats and an odd driving position. 

Lowest-rated midsize sedan: Chrysler 200
Road-test Score: 63-66; Overall Score: 51-53
What they had to say: "Mediocre," with clumsy handling, rough and unsettling ride, uncooperative transmission, but a relatively quiet cabin.  

Lowest-rated compact luxury car: Mercedes-Benz CLA250
Road-test Score:64; Overall Score: 53
What they had to say: Engine and transmission lack refinement. Stiff ride with a noisy, cramped interior. 

Lowest-rated midsize luxury car: Lincoln MKS
Road-test Score: 66; Overall Score: 59
What they had to say: Outdated, outclassed and limited outward visibility. 

Lowest-rated family SUV: Dodge Journey
Road-test Score: 64; Overall Score: 45
What they had to say: Confining interior, lacks agility and V-6 engine gets poor gas mileage.

Lowest-rated luxury compact SUV: Land Rover Discovery Sport
Road-test Score: 58; Overall Score: 47
What they had to say: Too little or too much acceleration, and a balky transmission that is neither smooth nor responsive. 

Lowest-rated large luxury SUV: Cadillac Escalade
Road-test Score: 61; Overall Score: 44
What they had to say: Stiff ride, not very roomy and the Cue infotainment system is "confounding."

Lowest-rated minivan: Chrysler Town & Country
Road-test Score: 72; Overall Score: 62
What they had to say: Poor gas mileage and didn't fare well in the IIHS small overlap crash tests.

Lowest-rated green car: Mitsubishi i-MiEV
Road-test Score: 35; Overall Score: 45
What they had to say: A "half-step up from a golf cart," slow, clumsy with an elbow-rubbing interior and 56-mile range.

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