Test Drive America

With our national debt at crisis levels and the stubborn unemployment continuing to hamper recovery, AmericasGotProduct.com is asking Americans to Test Drive America during the month of June!

With our national debt at crisis levels and the stubborn unemployment continuing to hamper our recovery, AmericasGotProduct.com is asking every American to get out and Test Drive America during the month of June!

โ€œIn March of this year, we the people bought just over 1.2 million cars and trucks according to the Wall Street Journal and MotorIntelligence.com. When we deduct all the foreign and domestic models built in over 30 communities all across this country, there were more than 350,000 pure imports left. These are the Kias, Audis, Lexus, VWs, Volvos and other brands with models not built in America. At an average price of $30,000, that is just over $10 billion that left this country, one buy at a time and in just 30 days,โ€ said Christopher Kilcullen, founder of AmericasGotProduct.com.

Test Drive America is a job creation event that can generate billions of dollars in economic stimulus with no tax payer dollars. This event is designed to create thousands of jobs and to build consumer confidence and spending that ripples back through this economy. By simply making better choices, our spending will create jobs, today.

The multiplier effect of one job in the auto industry is 10 additional jobs created, according to Kim Hill from The Center for Automotive Research. That does not even touch the additional jobs created in the service industries, as these companies and their employees buy computers, pizza, clothing, and the travel industry with both business and vacation travel. This is simple supply and demand -- basic economics -- and represents the low hanging fruit of job creation for the US economy!

Every purchase produces paychecks, and with the national debt now at $54,000 per person, it is time we start putting more Americans back to work and off unemployment to help pay down this debt. We the people have to accept some of the responsibility for this recovery and become more intentional about our nationโ€™s future.

AmericasGotProduct.com is a web site designed to celebrate the products and companies that support this economy. This is cause marketing that the American consumer can get excited about, and our rating system helps the consumer identify products that produce paychecks. Along with our rating system, we are highlighting the community behind the product to help the consumer see where real people and real economics have an impact.

โ€œThe American public has an unprecedented sense of concern for the future. AmericasGotProduct.com provides a resource to help empower the consumer to leave a positive economic footprint with their purchases,โ€ said Kilcullen. Mr. Kilcullen, who spent most of his career in franchise sales and development in the real estate and hotel business, created this site out of a passion for this country and a frustration for this economy.

โ€œI am not a politician, not an economist, nor am I in the manufacturing business, just an average American who wants his economy back. We have to start looking at our nation as a business. Last year alone, we lost $500 billion through trade alone, and that has to stop,โ€ say Mr. Kilcullen

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