Volkswagen Debuts L1 Electric Car

FRANKFURT (AP) -- Volkswagen AG unveiled a number of new cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show Tuesday, including the L1, a two seat hybrid concept that could get about 60 miles per liter of fuel, or about 240 miles per gallon.

The L1 will be powered by a turbo diesel and electric motor and weighs only about 840 pounds (380 kilograms), far lighter than most cars on the road.

"If the L1 were to go into production in 2013, it would debut an entirely new lightweight car concept and introduce a new era in automotive production," VW said.

Volkswagen, also officially unveiled the E-Up!, an electric car which should go into volume production in 2013, and a new Polo and a new Golf model, both compacts, among others.

"The common denominator of all these new Volkswagens: maximum efficiency," Volkswagen said.

"On the timeline between today, tomorrow and the future, these new models of the Polo, Golf, Passat ... represent the sustainable and affordable technologies of the present. Creating a window to the immediate future, on the other hand, are the E-Up and the L1 concept cars," VW said.

Shares of Volkswagen were down about 3 percent at euro122 ($177) in Frankfurt afternoon trading.

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