Level Field Institute’s 2007 Index Finds Domestic Car Makers Still Have Jobs Advantage

The Level Field Institute's 2007 Index shows which car makers support the most domesitc jobs.

The Level Field Institute issued its 2007 Index on Thursday, which calculates how many U.S. jobs each automaker operating in the U.S. supports.

The report found the jobs advantage of domestic automakers remains extremely large, regardless of large job reductions and the increased market share of foreign automakers.

“Foreign automakers spend millions around the country promoting their new plants and U.S. investment,” said Level Field President Jim Doyle. “We welcome their investment, but Americans should know each Ford, GM or Chrysler Group purchase supports nearly 2.5 times the number of U.S. jobs of foreign automakers, on average. Domestic automakers also purchase nearly 80% of the parts made here.”

Domestic automakers will support approximately 1.7 times more jobs per car than Honda, 2.5 times more jobs per car than Toyota, and 6.6 times more jobs per car than Hyundai.

Despite opening a new plant, Toyota’s jobs performance dropped slightly in 2006, due in part to its increase in imports. Honda remains the best jobs performer among the major foreign automakers, with slightly more than half as many jobs per car as the domestic automakers.

U.S. jobs per 1000 cars sold.
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Source: Level Field Institute

Current buyouts and other cost reductions at Ford, GM and Chrysler Group will likely result in a net industry-wide loss of 95,000 jobs by 2010.

The entire report can be reviewed by clicking here.

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