MMBlog: Google Patents Pedestrian Flypaper For Autonomous Cars

A look at Google's patent for human flypaper to minimize injuries from self-driving vehicles.

Recently, Google was granted a patent for human flypaper intended to be used on autonomous vehicles. The patent describes the flypaper as “an adhesive layer positioned on the front end of the vehicle” that pedestrians will simply stick to in the event of a collision. 

Many crash injuries are not caused by the initial collision, but when the pedestrian is thrown from the car onto the ground or run over. With Google’s product, the adhesive bonds the pedestrian to the vehicle, so that they remain attached to the vehicle until it stops and aren’t thrown from the vehicle. 

To avoid cars picking up dirt and bugs, as well as pedestrians with this sticky surface, Google envisions an exterior eggshell-like covering on top of the adhesive layer. This covering would break instantaneously in the event of a crash.


Could a product like this reduce pedestrian injuries? What problems could a system like this create?

Email us or leave your comments below. 

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