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Tesla Deliveries Fall Short Despite Stellar Quarter

Number of Tesla vehicles delivered worldwide from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018 in units.

Tesla missed Wall Street’s delivery Q4 expectations by a hair. The company announced yesterday that it delivered 90,700 vehicles. Wall Street wanted to see 92,000 vehicles delivered in the final quarter of 2018, making Tesla just under 2,000 shy of that target. 

The electric car company has rallied in the second half of 2018, delivering on a backlog of vehicles they produced. Tesla has smoothed out some of its delivery logistics, distributing almost 200 percent more in Q4 2018 than they did in Q4 2017. This redemption holds true for deliveries for the whole year as well, which currently totals close to 245,000 vehicles—more than the previous two years combined. 

The company also announced a $2,000 price cut to vehicles. Federal tax incentives for electric cars are bein phased-out throughout 2019, which will up the price of the cars even more.

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