NASA Astronauts to Film Skincare Ad in Space

The International Space Station is reportedly "open for business."

Astronauts at the International Space Station are finding themselves part of a marketing campaign for beauty products.

According to NASA, as many as 10 bottles of Estee Lauder skincare serum will be launched into space later this month.

The astronauts will film the bottles at the ISS in microgravity and the footage will be used for the company’s ad campaigns.

Companies have been sending their products to space for years, and the first commercial filmed in space aired in 1997.

Despite this, CNN points out that the Estee Lauder deal is “one of the most high-profile cases of NASA offering up the American portion of the space station for capturing zero-gravity footage of a product.”

New Scientist calls the ISS “open for business” and says the agency is hoping to bring in cash by using the space station for activities outside of just normal research & development.

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