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VotD 12/16/11: The Next Frontier

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen plans on building a massive plane that will help get cheaper rockets, along with passengers and cargo, into space.

Welcome to a new feature we're trying out over the next few weeks: the Video of the Day. With an increasing amount of good content being distributed through video, we feel that it's important to give space to the best ones we've found. And we all know that sometimes, it's good to just take a break and take in some cool sights or interesting ideas.

Earlier this week we featured some news about Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his new company, Stratolaunch System. Allen and his team will build a giant plane, and fellow space entrepreneur Elon Musk, of SpaceX, will provide a rocket to bring people and cargo into space. The idea -- to fly the plane to a high altitude and launch the rocket from there -- isn't exactly new, but it finally appears that the right people are behind the wheel, so to speak.

[video: width:640 height:390]

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