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Manufacturing Snapshot Of The Week: Star Trek Actress To Fly On NASA Mission

Nichols won’t be “beamed up” into space, but she might “make it so” one day.

This week Nichelle Nichols, who starred in the original Star Trek series as Lieutenant Uhura, announced that she will be going on a NASA mention.

First hinted at during her Reddit AMA and clarified later, Nichols confirmed that she will be “among the first nonessential personnel to experience NASA’s newest telescope: SOFIA.”

Although this isn’t exactly a mission to space, Nichols will take off on SOFIA September 15 from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California.

SOFIA is a second-generation airborne observatory built onto a Boeing 747. Created to observe the universe’s infrared energy, SOFIA is able to study black holes, star births and solar systems.

So, although the famed actress won’t exactly be “beamed up” into space, she might still “make it so” one day.

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