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FedEx Revives Aging Boeing 767 With Biggest Order To Date

The order is the company’s largest since the Boeing 767 premiered back in 1982.

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Boeing just scored the largest order for their 767 freighters when FedEx Express, the world’s largest cargo airline, announced plans to purchase a fleet of jets for its updated unit.

The agreement could be worth as much as $20 billion, and it includes an order for 50 jets with an option to add on 50 more.

The 767 first entered the market back in 1982 as a passenger plane.  Since then, the aging 767 has found a new career as a cargo plane — as passenger airlines have gradually switched to newer models, FedEx Express has remained the 767’s only customer.

Before the planes will be used for carrying cargo, FedEx will modify the planes significantly.

The new fleet is just a part of the FedEx’s overhaul of the division — the company is prioritizing fuel efficiency, reliability and modernity.

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Some are wondering why FedEx has chosen to reinvigorate its Express division by investing in a line of airplanes that is, by industry standards, very old. It turns out that the Boeing 767 is spry for its age, however, and is roughly 30 percent more fuel efficient than FedEx Express’ current MD-11 aircraft.

The order is great news for Boeing. The 767 assembly line now has a full production schedule guaranteed for the next few years as they up their production speed to two airframes a month.

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