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SpaceX Close To Discovering Cause Of Recent Rocket Failure

“Whatever happened was not straightforward,” Musk said.

In a statement made today by SpaceX founder and chief executive Elon Musk, Musk said that the company is still trying to figure out what caused the Falcon 9 rocket to explode nine days ago.

At the time of the explosion, Musk speculated that the root of the problem would likely be traced to an overpressurization of the liquid oxygen tank. However, today he admitted that nothing seems to fit “all the dots.”

“The data does seem to be quite difficult to interpret,” Musk said. “Whatever happened was not straightforward.”

Musk also acknowledged that the Falcon 9’s explosion was “a huge blow” for the company, likely alluding to the postponement of the next Falcon 9 launch along with all subsequent launches.

Musk concluded his remarks by adding that SpaceX would release more information on this ongoing investigation toward the end of the week.

Until then, here’s hoping that the billionaire CEO continues to provide updates via Twitter.

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