Strong Volume, Pricing Boost Praxair 's July Sales

Consolidated sales up 11 percent, while North America sales improve by 9 percent.

Praxair, the big industrial gas and surface coatings company, said Friday that consolidated sales increased by 11 percent in July from a year ago, reflecting both volume growth and higher pricing.

In North America, sales were up 9 percent year-over-year. Sales growth came from strong pricing comparisons and higher volumes. Sales rose 15 percent in Europe versus last July, up 11 percent ex-currency. Sales growth there was also driven by higher volumes and higher overall pricing. The company also noted solid merchant volume growth in Spain and Italy to most end markets, including electronics, metals, food, and chemicals.

In South America, sales increased 16 percent, 10 percent ex-currency, and sales in Asia rose by 14 percent, 12 percent ex-currency.
Praxair Surface Technologies sales eased 4 percent, but were up 10 percent excluding the aviation repair divestiture. The company cited continued strong demand for OEM aviation coatings in the U.S. and Europe.   

Praxair completed the sale of the aviation repair unit last month.

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