Eliminate paper labels and cards on cycling containers, providing automated tracking and dynamic visual interaction with operators. You can turn your paper labeled racks and totes into smart containers with Omni-ID's ProVIEW system. "Visual Tagging" promises to be the first step change in cyclic process efficiency in decades. 

This system features a rugged e-paper screen that, unlike paper, can be changed dynamically, allowing operators to receive new instructions in real time for light speed corrections and process exception handling.

Repurposing some material for another part of the line or staging it to balance flow? No problem. How about a container displaying if it is full or empty so you don't have to open it to find out? What if the container told your worker where it was supposed to be and when it should be taken there?

These smart containers become immediately traceable, enabling real time data collection on asset flow for advanced process analytics AND Real time, accurate inventory counts are achieved with no manual counting.

Think about a quality hold appearing immediately on a batch of containers needing to be quarantined through the plant. Those quarantined containers also have memory and can tell you their history, creation date of contents, which operator worked on them, time in inventory, temperatures experienced and many other really smart things.

This complete system featuring the e-paper "View" screen completely eliminates label printing and placement costs - allowing most systems to be paid for in about 18 months from this direct cost reduction alone! In an environment where sustainability and green initiatives are everywhere, saving millions of prints a year in an average factory can also make a large contribution to those goals.

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