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Rebuilding World's Largest Plane; 'Alien' Metal; Beretta's New Factory | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 94

Also on the podcast, problem at Quadrant Magnetics, engineer chops car to make motorcycle, Amazon debuts robot arm, Toyota premieres new Prius and a 3D-printed bike/EV hybrid.

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The Today in Manufacturing Podcast is brought to you by the editors from and Industrial Equipment News (IEN). In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Ammunition Maker to Invest $60M in Georgia Plant, Hiring 600 

Italian company Norma Precision plans to invest $60 million in Garden City, Georgia to build an ammunition plant.

'Alien' Metal Could Curb Need for Vital Minerals

Researchers at a pair of universities may have discovered a potential solution to our rare-earth metal problem.

Magnet Maker Arrested for Sending DOD Drawings to China

From December 2018 to January 2020, Phil and Monica Pascoe and Scott Tubbs sent 70 technical drawings to a Chinese company without a license from the U.S. government. Phil Pascoe is the president of Quadrant Magnetics, a magnetic products company also charged over importing rare earth magnets smelted and magnetized in China.

How An Engineer Turned His Car Into a Motorcycle to Save His Life

In 1993, French engineer Emile Leray was driving through the Moroccan desert when his Citroen 2CV struck a rock, totaled the front axle and ruined the chassis. So, he did what any engineer would do, he chopped his wrecked car into a motorcycle using duct tape and hand tools.

World's Largest Plane to Be Rebuilt

The Antonov AN-225 was destroyed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now, the company says it will take $502 million to fix Mriya and design work has already begun for the rebuild.

In Case You Missed It

Amazon Debuts Robot Arm to Streamline Fulfillment Process

Amazon’s new intelligent robotic system, Sparrow, streamlines fulfillment by moving individual products before they get packaged.

Toyota Shows New Prius Hybrid

The new Toyota Prius hybrid is more powerful and stylish, with a sleek futuristic design.

Company Debuts 3D-Printed Bike/EV Hybrid

This week, German innovation studio nFrontier unveiled a new concept vehicle at Formnext 2022. The fully functioning prototype is a hybrid between an electric cargo bike and a small EV.

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