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There's a Lot of Reasons October Could Be Terrifying

In this premier episode of a series detailing cybersecurity challenges, we assess a report projecting a surge in cyberattacks during October.

In addition to supply chain challenges and labor shortages, one of the biggest issues emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic for the industrial sector has been the huge uptick in cyberattacks.

To make things worse, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, after studying cyberattack trends since 2006, says there is a clear pattern wherein these attacks will increase during the month of October, with five offending countries or entities responsible for the majority of the incidents.

Based upon analysis, it is predicted that cyberattacks originating in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran will increase this month.

Joining for the first in a series of episodes discussing new and prevailing cybersecurity challenges confronting the U.S. industrial sector is Adam Kohnke from Madison, WI-based Infosec Institute - a leading cybersecurity training and education firm.

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