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New Disney Toys Combine High-Tech Gadgets, Old-School Play

June 2, 2015 2:57 pm | by Ryan Nakashima, AP Business Writer | News | Comments

The toys engage kids interested in an online component while keeping them active.

Apple's Siri Has New Role In New 'Smart' Home Systems

June 2, 2015 10:06 am | by Brandon Bailey, AP Technology Writer | News | Comments

The new products could be an important step for the emerging industry of "smart" homes.

First Subsea Tidal Power Plant To Go Live In France In 2015

June 1, 2015 3:08 pm | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

When completed at the end of this year, it will generate 1 megawatt of renewable power.

Google Solar Drone Crashes During Testing

May 29, 2015 3:00 pm | by Megan Crouse, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

The drone is part of Google’s plans to deliver Internet service.

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Report Calls For Public Investment In 3D Printing

May 27, 2015 3:21 pm | by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

The study anticipates that the technology will mean rapid changes for regional economies.

California Company Plans World's First Hyperloop Test Track

May 27, 2015 9:17 am | by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

The world's first high-speed Hyperloop test track would run along a California highway.

New Engines For Business Jets Tap Latest Military Tech

May 26, 2015 9:41 am | by Matt Benvie, GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

GE is making a bid to shape the business jet space once again.


Report Anticipates Green Packaging Market To Grow By 50 Percent By 2021

May 22, 2015 1:41 pm | by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

Packaging companies should increasingly lean toward green packaging.

Drone's Eye View Of Tesla's Massive Battery Factory

May 22, 2015 1:17 pm | by Bloomberg Business | Videos | Comments

New footage shows construction on what will be the world's largest battery factory.

Where Will 3D Technology Take Us Next?

May 22, 2015 12:09 pm | by Kaylie Duffy, Associate Editor | Blogs | Comments

The conference presents the latest in 3D technology, and this year was no exception.

Eight Must-Know Facts From The New Elon Musk Book

May 21, 2015 5:14 pm | by Abbey Dean, Editor | Blogs | Comments

I read the new book on Elon Musk, so you don’t have to. 

Uploading Wind Into The Cloud Will Make Wind Farms More Efficient

May 19, 2015 9:43 am | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

GE offered a first glimpse at what the “digital wind farm” is going to look like.


These Space-Age Ceramics Will Be Your Jet Engine’s Next Cup Of Tea

May 18, 2015 9:53 am | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

In the 1990s, a team started studying a family of materials called ceramic matrix composites.

Power Plant Mixing Gas, Solar, Batteries And Software Could Chart The Future Of Renewable Power

May 15, 2015 2:07 pm | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

Blending different energy sources makes economic and environmental sense.

What’s Behind The Renaissance Of Rolls Royce?

May 13, 2015 3:20 pm | by Bloomberg Business | Videos | Comments

Rolls Royce North America President discusses the company’s new automobile.

Louisville To Host 3D Printing Training Center

May 13, 2015 10:02 am | by Andy Szal, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

The UL Additive Manufacturing Competency Center, which is scheduled to open this fall, will join the university's Institute for Product Realization and provide hands-on, end-to-end training in design, production, testing and safety.

These Engineers 3-D Printed A Mini Jet Engine, Then Took It To 33,000 RPM

May 11, 2015 2:56 pm | by Michael Keller, GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

“We wanted to see if we could build a little engine that runs almost entirely out of additive manufacturing parts,” says one of the engineers. “This was a fun side project.”


Photo Essay: SpaceX Completes Pad Abort Test

May 7, 2015 2:59 pm | by SpaceX | News | Comments

The Crew Dragon simultaneously fired its eight SuperDraco engines at 9 a.m. EDT and leapt off a specially built platform at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40 in Florida.

Big Data Dawn On The High Seas

May 5, 2015 2:43 pm | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

A seaborne locomotive sounds like crazy idea, but engineer Andy McKeran, who designs heavy-duty offshore equipment at GE, might give it another look.

Pilot To Fly Solar Plane Across Pacific For Five Days, Five Nights

May 3, 2015 6:08 am | by Louise Watt, The Associated Press | News | Comments

The aircraft will climb to the altitude of Mount Everest, almost 9,000 meters (29,500 feet), during the day to get more sunlight, recharge the batteries and store more energy. At nighttime, the plane will fly lower, at a minimum of 1,000 meters (3,000 feet).

Manufacturing Snapshot Of The Week: Jeff Bezos’ Spaceship Lifts Off

April 30, 2015 4:30 pm | by Bridget Bergin, Associate Editor | News | Comments

This launch is particularly exciting to the public, because Blue Origin’s primary goal is to commercialize space travel and make it available to more adventurous tourists.

Water Plant Blasted From Granite Gets A Nanotech Makeover

April 30, 2015 3:17 pm | by GE Reports Staff | News | Comments

When finished, the plant will become the world’s largest water treatment facility with such “membrane bioreactors” (MBRs), capable of processing almost 280 million gallons of dirty water per day. The plant will release the clean water back into the Baltic Sea.

This Is How You Hand-Make A Rolls-Royce

April 30, 2015 2:52 pm | by CNNMoney | Videos | Comments

The Rolls-Royce is an icon of luxury. Here's a look at the Rolls factory in Goodwood, England where young people use traditional methods to hand-craft almost every inch of a Rolls-Royce.

Internet Billionaires Face Off In Renewed Texas Space Race

April 27, 2015 10:20 am | by Michael Graczyk, The Associated Press | News | Comments

SpaceX and Blue Origin are among several U.S. companies engaged in the private space business. Both have lofty aspirations: launching a new era of commercial space operations, in part by cutting costs through reusable rockets.

These Bright Lights Could Show You The Quickest Way Around Town

April 22, 2015 9:37 am | by Ki Mae Heussner, GE Reports | News | Comments

New “intelligent” LED streetlights combined with sensors generating oodles of data and cloud analytics could soon start delivering genuine street smarts and savings.

Japan's Maglev Train Breaks Own Speed Record

April 21, 2015 9:36 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

The fastest passenger train in the world has broken its own speed record at 603 kph.

Photo Essay: Testing A New Engine In The Tunnels Of Dread

April 14, 2015 3:24 pm | by GE Reports staff | News | Comments

Since the locomotive can be connected to the Industrial Internet, they also test its software during various modes of operation like long-distance and heavy-haul service.

High School Rocket Scientists Blast Off With NASA

April 10, 2015 12:06 pm | by Kaylie Duffy, Associate Editor, @kaylieannduffy | News | Comments

“NASA doesn’t spare us at all,” says Brian Hastings, Spring Grove Area High School physics instructor and head coach of the team. “We essentially had to go through all the steps that anyone who tries to sell a product or tool to NASA would.”

Material Used In Skateboards Could Make Planes Use Less Power

April 9, 2015 3:18 pm | by GE Reports | News | Comments

A hard material called silicon carbide was originally used for abrasives like sandpaper and still gives many skateboards their rough grip. It can work at temperatures that are twice the boiling point of water where ordinary silicon chips falter.

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