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Choose Your Perfect Bearing

Plastics company igus has announced the release of its dry-tech box, a sample kit that is designed to help engineers find the right material bearing for their specific application.

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Bearings Traveling The World Onboard The ‘iglide’ Car

To celebrate 30 years of developing plastic bearings, igus has retrofitted a car with 56 of its iglide bearings and sent the vehicle off on a multi-continent journey to showcase their benefits in demanding applications. The components have been fitted into all areas of the car, including the pedals, alternator, window regulators, convertible top, gearshift, and more.

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Protect Motors From Bearing Failure

Helwig Corporation has launched a new line of shaft grounding systems intended to protect motors from bearing failure, which causes a great deal of motor downtime in industrial applications. The company says this kit, which fits most motors and shaft sizes, is easy to install, and even works well in contaminated environments.

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Baldor Releases New Concentric Reducer For Maximum Reliability

 Baldor Electric Company has announced the new Dodge MAXUM XTR concentric reducer, which puts a compact, power-dense design in a rugged ductile iron housing. The company says this reducer features a superior sealing system, long-life bearings and compatibility with industry-preferred dimensions. 

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Applied Motion Products Announces IP65-Approved And Integrated Step Motors

Applied Motion Products has announced two new products: NEMA size 23, 24 and 34 stepper motors with IP65 ratings; and NEMA size 24 integrated steppers (SWM24) for wet environments.

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OMEGA Introduces Washdown AC Motors WSS Series

Omega Engineering has launched its new series of WSS stainless steel AC motors. The windings of the motors are double-dipped and cured in insulating polyester varnish, while the rotor is given an anti-rust coating to protect against corrosion. 

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PITTMAN Offers Enhanced Customization Capabilities For DC Motors

With PITTMAN customized motors, design and automation engineers are not limited to an off-the-shelf motor that may not completely meet application requirements, especially in applications where the motor is expected to operate continuously in a harsh environment. Highly customized DC motors can be designed to meet strict customer specifications for use in harsh environments.

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Blackmer Introduces NPH4F Sliding Vane Pumps

Blackmer, a global leader in positive displacement and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its NPH4F Sliding Vane Pump. The NPH4F is a positive-displacement sliding vane pump specifically designed to offer maximum versatility in fluid processing and transfer applications for a wide range of clean, non-corrosive fluids.

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Eriez RF Cartridges Feature High Strength Permanent Tapered-Step Magnetic Elements

Eriez has developed the RF (Radial Field) Cartridges, which are available with SuperStrength Erium 3000 Rare Earth magnets, making them ideal for removing tramp iron from dry, free-flowing food or chemical products conveyed in pneumatic pipelines.


Parker Offers New Dual Seal Flange Adapters

Dual Seal Flange Adapters improve the reliability and safety of high-vibration, high-shock hydraulic four-bolt connections in critical subsea oil and gas applications.

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