ChampionNOW: Building Manufacturing’s Future

Welcome back to Manufacturing Revival Radio! We are very excited to get 2014 rolling and are proud to kick it off with a fantastic organization that is working diligently to champion American Manufacturing. Joining for today’s episode is Terry Iverson, Founder of ChampionNOW.

National Robotics League: Impacting Manufacturing And National Defense

On today’s show, we speak with two individuals who have their hands all over one our favorite topics. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Steven Tamasi and Maureen Carruthers and gaining an inside view of the National Robotics League (NRL).

Michael Kerwin: The Future of Training May Be Vocational Education

On today’s episode we speak with Michael Kerwin, President of NTMA Training Centers of Southern California, who provides a look into the important role that vocational education will play in the future of training America’s workforce.

Marc Braun: How Logistics Automation Is Changing Manufacturing

On today’s episode we are joined by Marc Braun, President of PCdata Inc, for a fascinating discussion where we take a look at the effect logistics automation is having on today’s manufacturers.

Mike Cobb: The Time To Act Is Now

Manufacturing across the United States is in the beginning of a growing resurgence.

Tim Floyd: The Holistic Approach To Material Handling

Today we are joined by Tim Floyd, National Sales Director with TriLogiq USA, who guides us through the ins and outs of material handling. Trilogiq USA was founded in

Desiree Crossley: Getting AMPed About The Future Of Manufacturing

Today’s episode features Desiree Crossley, Outreach Coordinator for AMPed NH, speaking about a fantastic new Manufacturing Initivative coming out of the state of New Hampshire. AMPed&nb


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