3D ProScan

3D ProScan

144 Pleasant St.
Clinton, Massachusetts 01510
Phone: 978-365-8164
About the Company

3D ProScan is a full metrology and inspection lab using industrial CT scanning to serve the plastics, medical device, and packaging industries.

With industrial CT scanning we non-destructively visualize, measure, and analyze internal and external features of precision parts and assemblies.

Industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanning is an established, fast, high-accuracy and non-invasive technology used for measuring and visualizing precision parts and assemblies. Industrial CT scanning generates a precise 3D model of an article from a large series of 2D X-ray images, similar to a medical CAT scan.

Virtual 3D inspections and advanced geometry processing software allow our clients to make better decisions faster. Our CT scan data viewers can be easily shared and provide convenient access to scan results that can be saved, recalled or exported at any time. View our slide show below to learn more.

Services Include:

Part-to-CAD overlay comparison analysis

Part to Part comparison

Dimensional Inspection

3D Assembly Analysis