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Ford Reveals the New All-Electric Ford Capri

The Capri is back, and rewired for the EV generation.

Industrial Media Staff
'Je suis Capri”. Football icon 'King Eric' Cantona unveils the reinvented and now all-electric Ford Capri.
"Je suis Capri”. Football icon "King Eric" Cantona unveils the reinvented and now all-electric Ford Capri.
Ford Motor Company

COLOGNE, Germany - With the return of the Capri, a much-loved cult classic, Ford has extended its EV offering again, bringing back a fan favorite. A classic sports coupe loved by families across Europe has been reborn for an electric generation, with a new look, still in keeping with its iconic design features, but now with a modern purpose.

Ford has partnered with French football legend Eric Cantona to lead the reveal of the new Capri, seen fronting the company's launch of the car, as well as featuring throughout its campaign.

The all-electric Capri has been designed to be rebellious to its core, with a color palette to match and the swagger you would expect from an original Capri of old. The new EV design contains design cues inspired by its predecessor, from the style of the headlights, through to the body shape and rear appearance. It's a true sports car for the family, with more than 620km driving range with fast-charging capability, and more than 570 liters of boot space.

Beyond the design, this EV aims to bring the heritage of the Capri into the future with an array of technologies that will enhance the customer experience. Intelligent technologies such as automated lane changes and watching out for cyclists when opening doors mean the Capri can help keep you safe on the open road and within the city. Meanwhile a massaging driver's seat comes as standard along with a sliding touch screen, making the all-electric Ford Capri an EV designed to celebrate the past while reinventing the future.

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