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Coming in at #12 is Laureate Biopharma:

There are many biopharmaceutical CMOs in the industry who would gladly take your promising molecule and develop it to the best of their ability. But when your company’s future is dependent on getting that molecule through testing, scale-up, regulatory filings and production as quickly and efficiently as possible – there are only two things that matter when choosing a biopharm CMO for your product – experience and expertise.

This is where a CMO like Laureate Biopharma in Princeton, NJ can provide the qualities needed to bring your biopharmaceutical product to market with the assurances only an experienced player in this market can provide.

A Complex World

With biopharmaceuticals growing in importance not only to the financial health of the pharmaceutical industry but also to the health of consumers - one might think that the complexity of making biopharmaceuticals has increased over the years.

“I don’t know if it has become more complex,” says Ultee. “I think it has become more rigorous, as people have come to understand proteins better, we have come to know what matters more and what matters less. We have evolved from the process making the product to the product being sufficiently well-defined and characterized that process changes can be accommodated. There is a lot of analytical testing that is done now which is a change from the early days of biopharmaceutical development – where you had a process and you couldn’t change it because the process defined the product.”

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