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by Infor

To help accelerate your business, we’re delivering fast, flexible, usable software with breakthrough innovations that embody an entirely new vision of how you use, purchase, deploy, and upgrade business software.

by Epicor

The majority of manufacturing enterprises, almost three quarters according to Aberdeen's survey respondents, use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as their main business system. However, one aspect of ERP strategy that has always been assumed is that companies strive to have one single ERP system to unify all their parts and processes.

by PdMA Corporation

When the pressure is on to “go green” in a trying economy, deciding to repair or replace a motor creates conflict.

by Axeda

Gerber Technology, a division of Gerber Scientific, provides integrated automation solutions for intelligent product, design, manufacturing, and quality control. The company has maintained market leadership by enabling its customers to lower their total cost of ownership by requiring less labor content, reducing waste, improving the quality and repeatability of their output, and increasing throughput.

by IFS

Learn how IFS Applications can bring the lean disciplines normally associated with repetitive manufacturing to engineer to order companies.

by Inside-ERP

The enterprise relationship planning, or ERP, market has grown to include a variety of solutions and delivery models, adding cloud-based and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings to the mix of premise-based ERP solutions.

by Inside-ERP

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, can be far-ranging software that spans all of your business processes. Depending on the size and type of your business, your ERP solution could touch every department from accounting to human resources to product distribution to warehouse management.

by Inside-ERP

Enterprise relationship planning, or ERP, is notoriously complex to implement. Horror stories abound about failed installations, unresponsive vendors, and wasted investments. As daunting as ERP can be, many organizations can’t operate without it — ERP brings together different aspects of the back office for greater efficiency and insight into business processes.

by Inside-ERP

Enterprise resource planning systems, or ERP systems, have become much more accessible to midsize and even smaller companies in that past three years. Standard features have matured, eliminating much of the guesswork of software selection, while the systems have become easier to deploy and use.

by Inside-ERP

August 2011

by IFS

Engineer to Order (ETO) companies can in fact use enterprise software to implement eCommerce strategies to improve customer service, reduce waste and increase profits. This whitepaper outlines the ways that enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can facilitate ETO eCommerce by opening portals to suppliers, project collaborators and customers.

by IFS

ERP software is often criticized for being complex and difficult to use. Learn how to evaluate ERP software for usability.

by Helical Products Company, Inc.

The first question generally asked about machined springs is how they compare with wire wound springs. These comparisons will provide descriptions and a decision matrix that can be useful when deciding which of the two spring forms will be most appropriate for a given application.

by Tectura

Whether it is a weak, recovering or strong economy, the fundamental strategies for surviving and thriving remain the same for discrete manufacturing organizations. Many desire to boost revenue through new customer acquisition, new sources of demand from overseas, or through new tactics such as aligning innovation with business strategy, inventory optimization, intelligent supply chains or technology gains within their business. Combined with these strategies, globalization, product proliferation and elongated supply chains have created ever-increasing complexity, not to mention strong downward pressure on pricing and rising input costs.


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