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by PTC

Dynamic global markets pressure manufacturers to continually transform the way they create products to stay ahead of the competition. Engineering leaders are at the heart of this change. The article “Two Options – Transform or Fall Behind” outlines the top 7 engineering management initiatives aimed to create value: • Improve global product development • Achieve on-time delivery and reduce time to market• Reduce product development costs• Improve product quality• Accelerate product innovation• Streamline regulatory compliance and reduce product risk• Reduce product costs Each of these value-focused initiatives is a significant opportunity to transform and improve how your company creates and services products. Read the article.

by Aptean

Best practices for unlocking the full power of ERP in confronting and overcoming unrealistic delivery dates. 

by Arena Solutions

New advancements in storage technologies are ushering in an era of rebirth and unlimited possibilities in renewable energy. So ask yourself this: when opportunity in cleantech knocks — will your business be ready to scale when and where the market demands?

by Arena Solutions

This white paper provides an overview of manufacturing tools like mechanical computer aided design (MCAD), product data management (PDM), electronic design automation (EDA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) and describes how to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing.

by Arena Solutions

Often small to medium-sized businesses make do with the tools they have to manage their product data. Paper, spreadsheets and email are often used throughout the product development and engineering change management processes. These tools can wreak havoc when product information is released into production.

by Arena Solutions

In the world of product design and manufacturing, the bill of materials (BOMs) is a critical product information record for both the engineering and manufacturing teams. Managing BOMs with the wrong tools can cause product errors, delays and compliance failures.

by Arena Solutions

This eBook identifies business considerations that may impact your decision-making process, the risks and benefits for each choice, and tips for making your chosen strategy work for you. With the tips and advice in this eBook, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will be equipped for long-term success in manufacturing outsourcing.

by Arena Solutions

The medical device industry stands at the crossroads between innovation and increased regulation. The lack of formal Design History Files (DHF) and Device Master Records (DMR) is one of the most important reasons for issuing non-conformance directives to medical device makers. Luckily, effective Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions, such as Arena BOMControl, can help to facilitate proper management of quality documentation, and ease the pains of the regulatory approval process while accelerating time to market.

by Aptean

The lack of good supply chain coordination can lead to frequent changes in production schedules, expedited transfers and shipments in distribution, excessive stock-outs, erratic levels of customer service, lack of visibility into future demand, and inventory in the wrong place and at the wrong time. This whitepaper reviews the supply chain function, inventory policy, production planning, and integration with ERP systems.

by Aptean

The process of finding the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for your organization can be challenging because of the level of detail that must be addressed, ensuring that key steps are not overlooked. Download this whitepaper now to learn more about the proper steps for an effective and successful evaluation.

by Aptean

The decision to replace an ERP system means a major commitment of time and resources, so there has to be good reason to even consider it. On the other hand, an outdated or dysfunctional system can be a severe inhibitor to business success, so replacement can be an essential business move. ERP expert and consultant Dave Turbide of Production Solutions discusses the most pressing reasons for replacement and then takes a look at ROI and other factors to help you make informed decisions.

by Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight’s new white paper, Creating a Win-Win Scenario through Supplier Scheduling, by Tom Strohl , discusses the creation of valid plans and the application of Supplier Scheduling techniques to improve supplier relationships, provide greater schedule stability, and reduce costs, among other valuable benefits. With contributions from Dennis Groves and Eric Deutsch, Strohl presents a powerful argument for developing a valid supply plan and demonstrates the symptoms of invalid plans. This white paper includes a highly detailed example of a Supplier Schedule and various case examples that outline the benefits of supplier scheduling.

by Oliver Wight Principal, Dennis A. Daniel

Oliver Wight’s new white paper, Avoiding Atrophy in Your Planning Process, by business process improvement coach - Dennis A. Daniel - defines Integrated Business Planning and Integrated Planning and Control, and outlines the causes of a decline in the business planning processes that can lead to atrophy. The author presents a variety of scenarios that lead to planning process degradation including the reassignment of key players, a failure to replace critical resources, and a weakening of data integrity. The paper includes examples of atrophied processes, solutions for avoiding atrophy, examples of best practices, and diagnosis strategies.  

Rotor Clip
by Rotor Clip

The article discusses how beveled retaining rings are the obvious choice in high speed production over shims and washers. The article is broken down to show how the retaining rings are designed, calculated and manufactured for maximum endplay take up while still being cost effective for both consumer and manufacturer.

by Oliver Wight Principal, David Holmes

Oliver Wight’s new white paper, Demand Control: An Often Missing Link in the Demand Management Process, by David Holmes with contributions from Todd Ferguson and Timm Reiher, is a valuable guide for any company seeking to improve customer service, increase sales revenue, and be respected as a reliable supplier. This white paper defines Demand Control and outlines its importance in the Demand Management and execution processes.  Done well, the authors argue, Demand Control takes chaos out of the near-term order fulfillment and sales execution processes and stimulates actions that enable companies to improve customer service and increase revenue. Readers of this white paper will find a compelling argument for why an effective Demand Control process should be in place and provide helpful steps for establishing one.


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